Company CSR

Guardian Healthcare Ltd. aims to become the nation’s icon through its hard work, dedication, sincerity, honest and intelligent approach. Company management strives to support community where they live and also the nation as far as possible in times of need. Management focuses on its practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and evidence of this commitment is found in its dealing with clients, suppliers, employees, Government and the society at large.

Company CSR activity includes:
•    Pay tax and VAT to the Government.
•    Settle bank and suppliers liabilities in a timely fashion.
•    Compliance to the regulatory authority requirement.
•    Disburses benefits to employees on time.
•    Maximizes safety in workplace for its employees and child labor is strictly prohibited.
•    Quality approved product to me released for market.
•    Awareness to people for human and animal health.
•    Products at affordable price for the people of Bangladesh as an expression of true love and compassion for the people.

We strongly believe that commitment towards people and the society as a whole positively contributes towards our business objective